Imagine The Camels… the black Rabbi encountering the white Imam in the desert of the lost. A music joint venture between FumoFumogeni aka DjAftereeno and Perry Mendes aka Splinter move.

The eclectic duo met in the dark kitchen of the private party @ CG21 in 2013; a “not working class” event thrown in their defected apartment in the hearth of Milano Porta Genova. FumoFumogeni and Perry Mendes wondered in places and styles to meet again years later in South East Asia crawling scene giving birth to the legendary ‘my corporate room with free breakfast’ mixtape series. A smelly pot of Disco, Chicago House and Acid, 90’s deep, melodic techno and Detroit style spilled all over the hotel floors of Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong and Manila.
Now based in Paris and Amsterdam The Camels keep digging and studying in the filthiest clubs of Europe to provide the most bizarre mix of genres. In 2016, inspired by sounds and people of beloved Nachtdigital festival, Fumogeni, Mendes and their manager Cathy Ghetto created Episcopale, an inclusive boutique event in the snoozy ValdiChiana (Tuscany, Italy). Approaching its 4th edition Episcopale is the projection of The Camels themselves: Italo, EBM, Rave, Trance and Electro on top of their Chicago2Detroit trademark.