Pinello began to mix his groove as a DJ in Palermo in the distant 2002, after having made his bones in some clubs in the city, he managed to enter in the stable of the Zsa-Zsa club. After he moves to the tourist villages where the “weaks succumb and the strongs become heroes”! It will be in Berlin where he will find his sound, establishing a 5-years residency at the notorious Cake Club in Kreuzberg – the last refuge in the area for those who did not want to submit to the prevailing techno.

His mixes have its roots in the best of 60s-70s and 80s music together with a strong love for Soul, Funk, Boogaloo, Rocksteady, Rhythm n Blues and Disco as well as his passion for the 80s vibes – Pop, New Wave and the New Romantic in the lead. This, beyond and much more ranging between styles, genres and nations: Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Italy, Germany and back to Naples. As long as the music is beautiful, with class and above all has just got Groove, DJ Pinello will play it in the console!