As we are all living lockdown times, we want to stay connected with our community and send all our support, now more than ever, through our love for music, wine and... FOOD. We will be sharing with you some of our favourite recipes from the secret cookbooks of Benedetta's Mamma and Nonna. For FLASH Recipes Part 2, we had to share with you this mind-blowing custard gem: the Torta della Nonna aka Nonna's Cake! BUON APPETITO!



30 Min | Prep Time
40 Min | Cooking Time


2 eggs
100gr butter (unsalted)
150gr sugar
300gr flour
8gr baking soda (less than 1 tsp)
4.2gr vanilla extract (1 tsp)
(for Italians – these 2 ingredients above equal half-sachet of “Lievito Pane Angeli per Dolci”)
glad wrap & foil wrap
a drizzle of olive oil

2 egg yolks + 1 whole egg
4 tbsn sugar (full!)
2 tbsn flour
500ml milk
1 lemon peel (peeled, not grated, and only the yellow part)

Pine nuts
Icing sugar


Mix the ingredients for the dough, with melting the butter and filtering the flour to avoid granules. Firstly, mix on a bowl then lay the dough on a working surface (drizzled with flour to not get sticky) and work it with your hands making a unified ball.


Make sure you don’t work the dough too much otherwise it becomes too hard. Let’s say usually 5 minutes. Wrap the dough with glad wrap. Put in the fridge for 30 minutes.


In the meantime, prepare the custard. Heat the milk on a pot with the lemon peel.

On another pot, mix the eggs with sugar, with the stove off and using a whisk. Add slowly the flour – using a sieve to not leave granules and keeping mixing. When it starts to make bubbles, add slowly the hot milk after removing the lemon peel.


VERY IMPORTANT PART: now turn the stove on, at the minimum, and keep stirring with your whisk on the same direction until it thickens. In case while you are mixing it starts to make little lumps, increase the stirring speed (even taking it off the stove for a little bit) until it stops. When the custard looks getting dense turn the stove off – it’s ready.


Prepare a round baking tray, not too high (3-4cm). Instead of baking paper, we prefer to spread half tsp of butter with a kitchen towel on the baking tray base and sides.


Take the dough out of the fridge and lay half of it on the working surface then place it on the baking tray base and sides, using your hands.


Pour the warm custard on the baking tray.


Sprinkle a drizzle of olive oil on a foil wrap and lay the other half of the dough on it. Then, flip it and remove the foil wrap, trying to cover the whole cake surface with it. It doesn’t matter if not will not be perfect because when it’s going to be cooked it won’t notice!


Bake for 30/40 minutes at 160*.


Once ready, add pine nuts and sprinkle some icing sugar… e voilà!