As we are all living lockdown times, we want to stay connected with our community and send all our support, now more than ever, through our love for music, wine and... FOOD. Every week, we will be sharing with you some of our favourite recipes from the secret cookbooks of Benedetta's Mamma and Nonna. For part 1, get ready to have your hands dirty with some flour: we are starting with the famous GNOCCHI from Nonna Zita! BUON APPETITO!



40 Minutes | 4-5 Portions


1.5kg Potatoes

White Flour, same volume of the pureed potatoes pile (around 1kg – 1.5kg, preferably the Italian “type 00”)

1 Egg (No Egg for Vegan option)



Peel and boil the potatoes in a big pot of salted hot water – 2 tablespoons of salt would work.

When the potatoes are soft and ready, dry and puree them with a fork (or any other tool). They need to be mashed-mashed!

Get the gnocchi-working table or surface ready, you will need enough space to roll the mixture in little snakes. Done with friends it’s even more funny! Make sure the surface is clean and sprinkle some flour on it to avoid stickiness.

Place the pureed potatoes in a pile on the table and verse a pile of flour next to it.

Start mixing the flour with the potatoes with your hands. Remember to always keep sprinkling the surface while working the mixture!

Aside, mix the egg with 2-3 pinches of salt and add it to the dough.

Amalgamate until the dough has got a unified-not-too-dry consistency. Add more flour if still looking soggy or if it looks fine, you don’t need to finish all the flour. See what the dough needs! The dough hand-mixing time should be less than 15 minutes. Don’t work it too much otherwise the gnocchi will be too heavy.

Once finished the dough, everyone grabs a knife! Cut yourself a bit of dough and shape it into a little snake – as long as you want. Keep sprinkling flour!

Cut them into the gnocchi. The gnocchi should be 1-2cm wide/long.

Add flours to the freshly cut gnocchi before placing them separated on a tray/chopping board/plates – even any surfaces with baking paper. Anything you find available to let them rest until you have finished the cutting part! Remember they should not attach to each other.

Once finished the gnocchi, boil some water and when ready throw the gnocchi in!

When they will float, it means they are ready! Use a drainer to pick them up! If you did all the steps right, they should be floating in 2-5 minutes, depends on consistency. Don’t worry, though if they cannot float just rescue them and the will be yummy anyway!

PS. Any leftover of uncooked gnocchi, can be frozen in sealed bags or containers.


Butter & sage is the best and easy sauce to enjoy the gnocchi’s full flavour!

Melt some butter with finely chopped sage in a little pot and verse it on the gnocchi when ready.

Sprinkle as much Parmigiano as you wish on top.