As we are all living lockdown times, we want to stay connected with our community and send all our support, now more than ever, through our love for music, wine and... FOOD.


We will be sharing with you some of our favourite recipes from the secret cookbooks of Benedetta's Mamma and Nonna.


For FLASH Recipes Part 2, we had to share with you this mind-blowing custard gem: the Torta della Nonna aka Nonna's Cake!





30 Min | Prep Time
40 Min | Cooking Time


2 eggs
100gr butter (unsalted)
150gr sugar
300gr flour
8gr baking soda (less than 1 tsp)
4.2gr vanilla extract (1 tsp)
(for Italians – these 2 ingredients above equal half-sachet of “Lievito Pane Angeli per Dolci”)
glad wrap & foil wrap
a drizzle of olive oil

2 egg yolks + 1 whole egg
4 tbsn sugar (full!)
2 tbsn flour
500ml milk
1 lemon peel (peeled, not grated, and only the yellow part)

Pine nuts
Icing sugar


Mix the ingredients for the dough, with melting the butter and filtering the flour to avoid granules. Firstly, mix on a bowl then lay the dough on a working surface (drizzled with flour to not get sticky) and work it with your hands making a unified ball.


Make sure you don’t work the dough too much otherwise it becomes too hard. Let’s say usually 5 minutes. Wrap the dough with glad wrap. Put in the fridge for 30 minutes.


In the meantime, prepare the custard. Heat the milk on a pot with the lemon peel.

On another pot, mix the eggs with sugar, with the stove off and using a whisk. Add slowly the flour – using a sieve to not leave granules and keeping mixing. When it starts to make bubbles, add slowly the hot milk after removing the lemon peel.


VERY IMPORTANT PART: now turn the stove on, at the minimum, and keep stirring with your whisk on the same direction until it thickens. In case while you are mixing it starts to make little lumps, increase the stirring speed (even taking it off the stove for a little bit) until it stops. When the custard looks getting dense turn the stove off – it’s ready.


Prepare a round baking tray, not too high (3-4cm). Instead of baking paper, we prefer to spread half tsp of butter with a kitchen towel on the baking tray base and sides.


Take the dough out of the fridge and lay half of it on the working surface then place it on the baking tray base and sides, using your hands.


Pour the warm custard on the baking tray.


Sprinkle a drizzle of olive oil on a foil wrap and lay the other half of the dough on it. Then, flip it and remove the foil wrap, trying to cover the whole cake surface with it. It doesn’t matter if not will not be perfect because when it’s going to be cooked it won’t notice!


Bake for 30/40 minutes at 160*.


Once ready, add pine nuts and sprinkle some icing sugar… e voilà!







As we are all living lockdown times, we want to stay connected with our community and send all our support, now more than ever, through our love for music, wine and... FOOD.


Every week, we will be sharing with you some of our favourite recipes from the secret cookbooks of Benedetta's Mamma and Nonna.


For part 1, get ready to have your hands dirty with some flour: we are starting with the famous GNOCCHI from Nonna Zita!





40 Minutes | 4-5 Portions


1.5kg Potatoes

White Flour, same volume of the pureed potatoes pile (around 1kg – 1.5kg, preferably the Italian “type 00”)

1 Egg (No Egg for Vegan option)



Peel and boil the potatoes in a big pot of salted hot water – 2 tablespoons of salt would work.

When the potatoes are soft and ready, dry and puree them with a fork (or any other tool). They need to be mashed-mashed!

Get the gnocchi-working table or surface ready, you will need enough space to roll the mixture in little snakes. Done with friends it’s even more funny! Make sure the surface is clean and sprinkle some flour on it to avoid stickiness.

Place the pureed potatoes in a pile on the table and verse a pile of flour next to it.

Start mixing the flour with the potatoes with your hands. Remember to always keep sprinkling the surface while working the mixture!

Aside, mix the egg with 2-3 pinches of salt and add it to the dough.

Amalgamate until the dough has got a unified-not-too-dry consistency. Add more flour if still looking soggy or if it looks fine, you don’t need to finish all the flour. See what the dough needs! The dough hand-mixing time should be less than 15 minutes. Don’t work it too much otherwise the gnocchi will be too heavy.

Once finished the dough, everyone grabs a knife! Cut yourself a bit of dough and shape it into a little snake – as long as you want. Keep sprinkling flour!

Cut them into the gnocchi. The gnocchi should be 1-2cm wide/long.

Add flours to the freshly cut gnocchi before placing them separated on a tray/chopping board/plates – even any surfaces with baking paper. Anything you find available to let them rest until you have finished the cutting part! Remember they should not attach to each other.

Once finished the gnocchi, boil some water and when ready throw the gnocchi in!

When they will float, it means they are ready! Use a drainer to pick them up! If you did all the steps right, they should be floating in 2-5 minutes, depends on consistency. Don’t worry, though if they cannot float just rescue them and the will be yummy anyway!

PS. Any leftover of uncooked gnocchi, can be frozen in sealed bags or containers.


Butter & sage is the best and easy sauce to enjoy the gnocchi’s full flavour!

Melt some butter with finely chopped sage in a little pot and verse it on the gnocchi when ready.

Sprinkle as much Parmigiano as you wish on top.




FLASH Festival drops line-up including Eclair Fifi, DJ Boring, Bradley Zero, Yu Su…

Our hints have been simmering away gently like an arrabiata sauce; but now we’re ready to reveal a line-up that’s just as spicy. We’re proud to have curated a list of artists that we think are at the top of their games, their reputations all built on careful song selection and an ability to always read the vibes.

We’ve hand-picked acts from Australia to London, inviting them to become part of the FLASH family in our Tuscan Eden for three ace nights. We wouldn’t dare to say that the roster is a flash of genius – but you might. Let’s meet ‘em (listed alphabetically):

Bradley Zero

Last year, we had Rhythm Section alumni Chaos in the CBD repping the Peckham crew in Tuscany. Now, we’re bringing the founder of the squad. Zero became a hero in London’s nightlife scene back in ­­­2009, his collective based on spinning the best in groovy world music and soulful house. From there he moved on to crafting the early Boiler Room line-ups, before setting up his Rhythm Section INTL label, backed by support from the likes of Giles Peterson and Mary Anne Hobbs. Expect Zero to bring the grooviest of numbers.

DJ Boring

Cult Aussie selector DJ Boring doesn’t live up to his name – but that’s obviously a great thing. Floating onto the scene with dreamy lo-fi breezer ‘Winona’ in 2016, he’s quickly built up a sound based around pumping, euphoric and hypnotic house. Boring by name, head-rushingly exciting by nature, expect a Vitamin D infused buzz like no other.


Cutting her teeth on the pirate stations of Edinburgh, Éclair Fifi is in the crème de la crème of underground DJs right now. Her sound is a magnet for hands-in-the-air moments, baking together Detroit techno sounds with smatterings of Chicago house, rave – leading her to Radio1, Rinse FM and NTS residencies across the way. Add her visual art to her CV, and she’s become a creative to be reckoned with – and the icing on the cake of our line-up.

Laurence Guy

There’s a reason we’ve invited Laurence Guy back for a second year – and that’s that he’s a really, really, really good DJ. Relentlessly, unrelentingly digging through crusty crates and dusty dives, he’s always equipped with peak time bangers. It’s no wonder then that he’s had a string of ace releases on Church Records, Mule Musiq and Studio Barnhus – and now he’ll be carting them over to play through the Tuscan dusk.


Send Loods. We reckon that should be the emergency text of any dead party – the Aussie DJ knows how to shutdown any lockdown with his funky, loopy house tunes. From dropping two sell-out records on his buddy Mall Grab’s label to dishing out mixes for Boiler Room, Rinse FM, NTS and Triple J, he’s become as much of a party shopping list as natural wine and Italian cheese (just us?) Saves your shapes for this set.

Raphaël Top-Secret

This message will self-destruct, so be quick. Often spied in the depths of a Parisian flea-market, sifting through stacks of old records, RTS is a true genre-hopper. Anything from boogie to rap, ambient to rave goes, as long as it’s ace. Recently curating the ‘Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop from Europe 1980-1991’ compilation on the esteemed Music From Memory, he’s going to bringing some clandestine magic to the FLASH DJ table. Destructing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Yu Su

We’re outrageously excited to have Yu Su at FLASH. The Canadian DJ is one of the coolest in the game right now, spinning dreamy left-field dance music while keeping tabs on acid and craving the odd rave banger. Flatteringly, her sound’s pretty hard to explain – which means you’ll have to come check her out. Oh, and if you need any more persuading – her ‘Truants’ mix was just chosen as one of Resident Advisor’s mixes of the decade.

If that line-up wasn’t enough, we’re bringing a batch of European party-starters to warm-up with some fiery heaters:


Barcelona based Italian crate digger, armed with fittingly monstrous tunes.


Known in the Amsterdam underground for turning parties from zero to eleven in a matter of minutes.


Based in our local town Castiglion Fiorentino, these guys are all about bringing serious disco grooves.

Menu Malin x Mauresque

French duo known for weaving together psychedelic trippers with afro-house rhythms.


Back after performing at our inaugural event, Pinello stoically usurped techno for funk and soul when living in Kreuzberg, and we love him for it.


Based in Berlin, he’s a disco-house DJ who peppers his sets with unexpected tasting notes.

The Camels

They haven’t got the hump with us yet, so they’re back at FLASH riding some proper rhythms.

Speaking to FLASH Director, Benedetta Venturini on what makes FLASH Festival shine

A sun-soaked festival serving up beautiful beats with the finest Tuscan eats.

14th – 16th May 2020
Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany


The third edition of FLASH! We are incredibly excited to expand our FLASH family bringing more people from around the world to our Tuscan eden of FLASH.

I am so proud to say that every year we are bringing more and more to the table, making sure that the program is refined to perfection. We have now established a special buzz around the festival and tickets are on sale now so go go go.


At the time, Karl and I were living in Berlin surrounded by very inspiring people and creative places. We had just spent a crazy five years working on world tours and festivals around the world.

I dreamt to create a music festival that celebrates the nature, style and taste of Tuscany. An experience that combines music with food and wine and to be able to gather like-minded people, travellers and friends from around the world to experience Tuscany in a new, exciting and fun way. And there you are…


I always thought of the festival experience as a moment in time, a sudden FLASH. Something unique that only happens once and you cannot replicate it. Only if you are lucky enough to live it and be there at the right time.


Tuscany is a way of living, always searching for the finest taste and best quality to bring to the table. I thought why not combine the deepest love for food and wine that Tuscans have (that I have) with those genres in vogue that best suit this incredible panorama?

Let’s say that Tuscany deserves it – for its natural beauty and its unstoppable pursuit of art in history.


The multi-sensorial festival experience. FLASH goes beyond music, combining it with food and wine activities that bring people to live together through an immersive 3-day experience.

It’s catching the latest artists vibing clubs and parties around the world in an intimate setting, with your mates, old and new, without being squashed in the crowds.


To be able to bring other people and travellers to see Tuscany with my eyes and live it like a real local. For many years I brought Tuscany to them through my hand-made gnocchi classes, home-cooked dinners, my love for olive oil and, obviously, my accent! That’s why I decided to start FLASH, to let the others to experience Tuscany in a real authentic way, through an immersive festival experience.

FLASH Festival returns to Tuscany May 14th-16th 2020

A sun-soaked festival serving up beautiful beats with the finest Tuscan eats.

14th – 16th May 2020
Castiglion Fiorentino, Tuscany

Equal parts zest and zeal, Flash Festival stemmed from a desire to bring an immersive festival experience to Italy. It started humbly in the summer of 2017, with friends and family lending their creativity to boost the cause. After a year out, Flash flashed back to its first year, but brought new energy to its Italian Eden.

Tucked away in Tuscany, its site is surrounded by stunning hills and a medieval castle, and is a short stroll from the gorgeous village of Castiglion Fiorentino. Think yoga sessions at sunrise and sanguine sunsets at twilight, an intimate utopia shared with new friends from around the world, soon to become old ones.

Taste is everything for FLASH. From fresh pappardelle to hand-spun pizza, special wine vintages to vintage wine-coloured shirts, everything is perfectly curated. A mix of feel-good disco, downbeat grooves and harder, euphoric beats makes our line-up sound as good lying down as it does getting down.

“Our festival reflects the personality of Tuscany – we are open, friendly and believe in great quality and simplicity” festival Director Benedetta Venturini thinks. It’s this simple quality that sums up our festival. No frills, no filler, no flashiness: just FLASH.